About Us

A quick bit about us.

Founded in 2012, EW Production Services Ltd is a platform for delivering high standard, yet affordable entertainment & LED solutions. Behind the team are years of experience in LED technology, Entertainment Lighting, Sound, Installations, Marine & Retail.

Our team has vaulable experience in providing turn-key solutions for clients around the world with LED & professional audio technology. This equips us to provide each customer with a unique tailor made service.


LED. The future of lighting.

The lighting market is currently undergoing a transition, with LED’s emerging as the best and most viable alternative to the majority of Incandescent, Halogen and Fluorescent light sources available.

An introduction to LED.

LED’s have been around for 50 years or so but until recently were only capable of producing very small amounts of light and only in Red, Blue and Green colours. The breakthrough in the last 10 years has been the ability to produce White tones of colour from the LED chip, once this was achieved the light output that manufacturers could produce from the chip has increased year on year.



Tried & tested. 

The benefits are clear, you only have to look at the numbers!

On average LED technology provides an energy saving of 70% and a return on investment in less than two years. There is even more opportunity for savings with the reduced cost of air conditioning due to lower temperatures, which also delivers a more comfortable environment for passengers and crew.

Read on below for a real world example of the savings available.


Why choose EWPSL?

Why choose us?

At ewpsl we are constantly keeping up to date with the latest LED technology advancements and changes. 

We work very closley with the biggest manufacturers of LED products getting to know the product inside out before we supply it. We believe that every product we supply, no matter what the budget, is the of the highest quality available today.

How can we help you make the change to LED?



Entertainment solutions

With entertainment technology for stage and performance ever, changing it can be hard to chose a future proof and reliable solution.

Our objective is not to create systems that only look & sound good, but to create systems that are also efficient, reliable and durable. The total power consumption in performance areas often adds up to an enormous amount, but its today’s technologies that can really change this. The show must go on, but the energy consumption will come down.

We know how to put on a show and save energy on stage.